CBD Oil 250mg

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CBD Oil 250mg

Our 250mg Full Spectrum CBD oil comes in a 10ml bottle with 13mg of CBD per serving and 1.3mg of CBD per drop (10 drops per serving). Each bottle contains 20 servings.


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Our Full Spectrum CBD oil has been refined to deliver the best tasting product in the industry whilst maintaining maximum potency levels of phytocannabinoids. Our processes remove all the plant fats and waxes which give lower quality products their foul taste. Our dedicated UK based labs have guaranteed consistency with every batch, as you would expect from a trusted brand such as Green Active. Each bottle contains 250mg of Full Spectrum CBD oil.


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Our CBD Oil won an Award in 2020!

Rated 5 stars by our customers

100% Vegan and Vegetarian friendly

Our hemp is grown to organic standards and is completely GMO, Herbicide and Pesticide free.

GUARANTEE: Green Active is a fully compliant brand under UK/EU Regulations. This means that every product you buy from us is 100% as described and you can shop with complete confidence.


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  1. Briony Walton (verified owner)

    I did extensive research into using CBD oil for senior dogs that suffer with arthritis. I have a 9 year old lab called Roo who has arthritis in one of his leg joints ( near his paw) we are two weeks in using CBD and you can see that the inflammation in the joint has much improved, movement is also improved. Roo was taking pain relief everyday, which long term can cause liver damage and is an expense. The CBD is a natural option with what I think is much better results and safe for long term use! I highly recommend this product! I also ordered the hand sanitiser for myself and it’s amazing! Smells great and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft! You’ve got yourself a life time customer here guys! Thanks so much!

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