What % are your oils?

This is a question we receive A LOT! And the answer we give is related to ensuring we accurately communicate to our customers and remain fully compliant.

You see, the % of CBD in a bottle is incredibly misleading to consumers and we will explain why. Let’s use a 1000mg CBD oil as an example. Now, most people would recognise this as 10% CBD oil. But what SIZE of bottle is the 1000mg of CBD in?!

If you had a 10ml bottle of CBD with 1000mg of CBD oil (the ‘ml’ shows that the CBD oil is suspended in 10ml of carrier oil such as MCT) then you could assume the terminology of 10% CBD Oil. But what happens when the 1000mg of CBD is in a 30ml bottle? If you followed the same rule for assuming the % value of CBD then you would have a 3.3% CBD Oil. But wait! If you had 300mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle then this would also be a 3% CBD oil!

Confusing? Misleading? Yes, yes it is! This is the exact reason we do not display % on our bottles. We display the amount of CBD in ‘mg’ per bottle and we supply enough information on the box (or the labels for our 30ml bottles) so you can determine how much CBD is in a drop and in a serving. This way there is no room for error and you can precisely determine how much CBD you are getting in each bottle to fit with your daily CBD wellness routine.