how do i take cbd?

Testing CBD is key to finding out which is the right dose and the right concentration for you. Just because a certain amount worked for someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean the same will be true for you.

Our advice comes directly from internationally respected professionals and regulatory bodies in the CBD industry such as Dr Dani Gordon and the Cannabis Trade Association. 

We see people turning to social media to ask support groups how to integrate CBD into their wellbeing routines and the responses are that a specific concentration worked for person X (often a high concentration and often posted by someone that has their own CBD brand!) It’s good to use this information to gauge the amount of anecdotal evidence in support of your reason for taking CBD, but it is vitally important that people recognise the requirement to work through this advice to determine what is correct for them as an individual.

We advise our community members to keep a diary and to use this diary to note down the amount of CBD, in mg, that they are taking each day. This allows for accurate tracking and means that a new user can look back accurately over time to determine where to go next with their CBD wellbeing journey. All compliant brands will show the amount of CBD in mg, per serving. A serving may be a drop, a pipette or a spray when consuming CBD Oil. If you are unsure, always ask us!

The key area to focus on when introducing CBD into your daily routine is Dosage. You will need to systematically work through a dosage testing procedure to work out which is the correct dose for you and which is the correct concentration of CBD will allow you to cost effectively keep CBD in your daily wellbeing routine (when we say concentration we mean 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg etc.). Due to our varying physiology we need to be aware that our physiological response to a certain dose may differ to those around us.  If you are new to CBD then start on a low concentration (250mg – 500mg) and follow the steps below.

People think that if you take one drop of CBD your reason for taking it will be solved

This usually is not the case and this is why we provide this advice

The following advice is specific to Green Active CBD oils (other brands may label their products differently).

1. When taking CBD for the first time start with the smallest recommended dose. We advise half a pipette up to twice a day which is the equivalent of 3 sprays of the spray cap.

2. Take this dose for 3 days.

3. If you do not receive the desired effect after 3 days then increase your daily dose by 1/4 of a pipette. This means if you were taking half a pipette twice a day, increase it to 1.5 pipettes a day (or 5 sprays of the spray cap).

4. If after a further 4 days of increased daily dosages you are not feeling the desired effects then we advise you to choose a higher concentration of CBD.

For Example: If you purchased the 250mg CBD oil then increase to our 500mg CBD Oil. If you purchased the 500mg CBD oil then increase to 1000mg CBD oil and so on.

Regulatory advice in the UK stipulates that CBD users must not exceed 70mg of CBD per day – This is the maximum daily allowance of CBD recommended by Green Active

5. If you need to purchase a stronger concentration then repeat steps 1-4  once you have received the new concentration of CBD oil and only complete all the steps IF NECESSARY. You will eventually find the level that is right for you (the correct dose of the correct concentration) and that’s the level you should remain.

6. If you are taking the CBD Capsules: Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD. follow the steps above but instead of purchasing a higher concentration (we can’t fit anymore CBD inside them, they’d be too big to swallow!) You simply increase the frequency in which you take them until you receive the desired effect.

REMEMBER it is vitally important to follow this advice and the steps below to ensure CBD has the greatest opportunity to enhance your wellbeing.

  • Bio-availability!  Bio-availability refers to the amount of CBD that actually makes it into your blood stream. If you are taking our CBD oils using the pipette then make sure you hold the oil for as long as possible under your tongue before swallowing. If you are using our handy spray cap then still try to spray under your tongue and hold for as long as possible but remember the dosage is 20% lower in a spray so take more frequently. If you are using our capsules then you just need to swallow as you would any other capsule.

  • Timing! When you ingest CBD oil by placing it under the tongue it usually takes 20 – 40 minutes for a user to feel the effect. When taking the CBD Capsules, this time is increased slightly. Be mindful of when you take CBD in support of why you are taking it. For example, if you are taking CBD for a sleep related reason then the best time to take it is just before bed taking into account the reported times above.  if you need a wellbeing boost half way through the day then it’s better to take your first dose half way through the day!

  • Talk to us! There are 100’s of reasons people are taking CBD and we can help advise you so you can make informed decisions based on your own circumstances. We may not have all the answers but we are resourceful so drop us a line here if you want to chat.