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How do I take CBD?

CBD has become a well established part of the daily wellbeing routines for millions of people. Despite this, we have found that over 85% of our new customers did not know how to introduce CBD to their own routine. have a look at our How Do I Take CBD FAQ to ensure you are following the correct advice to gain the benefits from CBD.

What Makes Us Different

We aren’t going to tell you that CBD is going to cure you. We are just here to share our positive experiences with CBD and the stories of other’s that have had their quality of life transformed by CBD, with the hope that you will experience the same.

Our Mission Statement

To educate and empower people to make the right decisions in support of their own wellbeing journey. We also aim to change the lives of those around us through contribution. Our latest campaign supports a young boy called Murray who suffers a rare form of epilepsy called Doose Syndrome.

Find out more about our support here: #ForMurray 


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Our Latest Posts

Community Support

#ForMurray Campaign

MEET MURRAY!  The happy, smiling, young man you see before you today is a direct result of his access to a miracle. This miracle? Medical Cannabis. Murray has a rare form of childhood epilepsy called Doose Syndrome which has previously rendered him immobile and hospitalised whilst a treatment was sought. Murray’s parents sourced and pay for medical cannabis from the Netherlands at a cost of £1400 per month due to our own NHS refusing the

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Education and Guidance

What is CBD?

What is CBD? From high street health shop to your local pharmacy and even local vets, there aren’t many outlets that don’t stock CBD products. Nor are there many people we bump into these days that haven’t heard of CBD. CBD is a product that has staked a firm claim on shelves and takes pride of place within prominent glass cabinets. With its wide ranging reported uses and anecdotal evidence which is supplied by satisfied

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Green Active Affiliate Program

Do you want to experience what it feels like to work with a team that wakes up every morning and get’s to change people’s lives? From the comfort of your own home? If yes then our affiliate program is designed for you.

We are looking for people that share our passion to help others. We are looking for people that know what it feels like to have their lives transformed by CBD so they can join our community and help others to transform their quality of life too.

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